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5 tips for the perfect WordPress hosting


Finding the perfect WordPress hosting isn't that hard at all.

In this article, I'll give you 5 tips for the perfect WordPress hosting to keep your blog running smoothly.

Here I draw on my own experience from more than 13 years of blogging.

5 tips for the perfect WordPress hosting

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system and countless new blogs are created every day. But with the selection of the right hosting many beginners have a hard time.

From my experience, the following 5 tips for WordPress hosting are very important to ensure a smooth-running WordPress blog in the long run.

1. Enough power

If you start with a new blog, you don't have any visitors yet and therefore performance problems are not an issue yet. But little by little the traffic is increasing and many cheap hosting solutions are getting slower and slower.

That's why I recommend every blogger to start, if possible, not to rely on a shared hosting solution. This is the cheapest hosting solution for a few euros a month.

But the problem here is that in a relatively short time the first performance problems occur and then you already have to look for a solution again. If you want to use shared hosting, then use a provider that allows you to move to a different plan without any problems, and preferably does it yourself.

All-Inkl.Com is such a provider. Here you get very inexpensive hosting for the start, but can then later also upgrade without problems.

However, today I would start right away with a vServer. This is a powerful alternative, but still relatively cheap in price. Mittwald offers z.B. Offer affordable vServers.

My big blogs run on a managed server. This makes them very stable and there are no performance problems. However, a managed server is also quite expensive and that is usually only worth it when you earn enough money with your own WordPress blogs.

2. Settings options

This point may not be so relevant at the beginning, but with time it becomes more important. Setting options in the hosting backend and z.B. About the htaccess file are important for many reasons.

So there are security related things you want to set, but also other technical adjustments are sometimes necessary.

So you should make sure that there are enough settings options available. My favorite hosters All-Inkl, DomainFactory and Mittwald offer everything I need here.

3. Location Germany

There are tempting hosting offers from abroad. So there are many US hosters, who are also catching customers in this country with very low prices.

However, nowadays you should not use hosting outside the EU. For data protection reasons this is very problematic and this topic will certainly not become easier.

I even rely only on hosting from Germany, because my readers come to a large extent from here and the performance of my websites is simply best when I host them here in Germany.

4. Technical features

Now it gets a bit technical, but this is also part of choosing a perfect WordPress hosting.

Meanwhile, there are many features that are included even in cheap hosting plans and besides, you do not need every novelty. So SSD hard drives are a nice thing, but not at all necessary for small and medium blogs.

But what is definitely recommended is PHP 7 and free SSL certificates. The former speeds up WordPress immensely. The latter is necessary today for data protection reasons. I would no longer start a blog without SSL encryption.

In the long run the hoster should also support HTTP/2. This is a new transfer protocol, which also ensures better performance.

5. Support

Last but not least, especially beginners should not underestimate the support of the hoster. Some big hosters have deficiencies here more often than not.

As a beginner you have more often problems or questions and there providers like All-Inkl are very well positioned. Services like 1-click installation, automatic updates, regular backups and so on are worth their weight in gold for beginners.

If you want to be extra safe in this regard, you can use a specialized WordPress hoster, which costs a little more, but takes care of everything and regulates it. Raidboxes is such a special provider for WordPress hosting.


Even if the hosting of WordPress websites does not involve any special requirement and therefore almost every hosting plan is suitable for it, you should take a closer look.

If you follow the points mentioned above, you will start with your own WordPress blog without any problems and you will also be satisfied in the long run.

What do you value most for the perfect WordPress hosting? What experience have you gained so far?