Advantages and disadvantages of a bare metal server

Very often you read the term bare metal server, but what is it and what are its advantages and disadvantages?? Let's get to the bottom of it.

Bare-Metal is not a music genre, but the name for a server genre. Translated it means as much as bare metal. Ultimately, this refers to a server on which you have full control over the hardware and software. This server is also not shared with other users. The complete service is available.

What are the advantages of a bare metal server

We have already briefly mentioned the use of resources. Since the server is yours alone, you can use the server completely for your own applications. No virtualization software is used as with a Vserver, unless you install such software yourself.

You can use the server freely, d.h. You determine which operating system will be used and which software will run on it. You have all rights on the server and thus not limited in use.

An own IP address belongs to it as well. This is also not shared, as is often the case with shared servers. There are usually also special add-on options such as DDoS protection, service level agreements, such as these z.B. can be found at the root server OVHcloud offers.

What are the disadvantages of bare metal servers

Of course there are not only advantages. The freedom of the server, including the free choice of software requires a higher administration effort. With a shared server, z.B. in case of web hosting, the provider takes care of the maintenance and update of the software. With your own server you are in charge. Software needs to be updated and also the operating system needs to be kept up to date.

You should also estimate beforehand approximately how much processing power and resources you will need. Moving to new hardware is not so easy and usually requires a new setup of the system.

The servers are also a bit more expensive in terms of price. But you also get the corresponding performance.

Application areas of bare metal servers

By definition everything is possible here. From simple webhosting, over own server applications up to the Game server everything is possible. As a web server with a lot of traffic and special requirements for the software can be realized, also database servers for large amounts of data are conceivable. Players install themselves a Minecraft server.

In a nutshell, with a bare metal server you can think of everything software and services that can be installed. Multifunctional use is also no problem. So besides the database you can also run an ERP or CRM system without any problems. Optional virtualization solution.

When is a bare metal server worth it

A bare metal server is worthwhile if you need the appropriate performance and do not want to share it with other users. You have full freedom over hardware and software, but with it also a bit more responsibility.

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