Blog by and for seniors: Is this becoming a new trend?

Information for older people collected in blogs

No one will deny that people of a certain age have more experience compared to the younger generation. Yet there are hardly any blogs on the Internet that are written by seniors and those that contain enough topics for this age group.

The Internet would be so much more colorful and diverse – but above all, young people would benefit from the life experience of older people. Everyone could benefit from these blogs, because it reinforces the feeling that good cooperation between old and young is possible.

Even if it often doesn't seem so yet, the Internet has arrived in the midst of the older generation and many seniors already regularly write e-mails and inform themselves about current events on the WWW.

How you too can create a blog

You are already over 60 years old and know that you have experienced quite a bit in life. If so, then you should definitely start your own blog.

First of all, you should know that a blog is a dedicated website where people can write about personal preferences, recipes, travel, technology, science and any other topics. You yourself can decide what you want to tell about.

With a little luck you will have many readers and even earn a few extra euros.

The hurdle of technology

Many people of a certain age are not yet as familiar with the Internet as the younger generation is. This is absolutely no problem – thanks to great courses for seniors, you too can learn the necessary skills very quickly. The most important point here is that you are open to it.

How to create a blog?

In order to build a website, you need to find a hosting company – this is what you need so that your site is stored on a big server and can be read from anywhere in the world. Nowadays there are great offers from cheap companies that offer a complete hosting package and thanks to the simple building blocks it is very easy to create your own site.

You can read more about it here: https://website.en/.

Find topic

Your blog should be as authentic as possible – that is, write only about the topics that really interest you. It is best if you write about your passion. For example, if you have a large garden, write about it and explain to readers what vegetables and fruits you have planted and give valuable tips about them.

If you prefer to tell about your past, you can do the same – especially for the younger generation, it would be very nice to get a glimpse into your life. Often young people have no idea at all how it went down back then and thus have less understanding of older people.

But with the help of some great clarification, this could be a thing of the past.

Writing style

At the beginning you will surely be very slow in writing, but that doesn't matter. Take your time. If you are unsure about the spelling, you can also use a writing program (z.B. Write Word), which does a spell and grammar check, and copy to the website afterwards. Otherwise, there are also online dictionaries where you can look up words if you are unsure.

It is important that you write as authentically as possible – it doesn't have to be perfect German, it is perfectly sufficient that you formulate clear sentences, pay attention to spelling and grammar mistakes and that it is understandable.


The Internet still has a gap – and that is blogs of seniors. If you too are one of those people who like to share and have something to say, start your own blog. The next senior meeting will provide your first readers.

You will see, you will have new fans very fast, because more and more seniors are surfing the internet mobile too.

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