Microsoft Teams hosted in Germany now available

Since Microsoft Teams has been around, we've wanted the product hosted in Germany. With Microsoft Cloud Germany (MCD) the hope came up, but then was inhibited after several official statements. There is no Microsoft Teams in Germany. But then:

Now in 2019, the global data centers in Germany and also in Switzerland were put into operation. But again, this clouded the desire that there would be Microsoft Teams hosted from on-premises data centers. But then:

In this framework of various projects and rounds at Ignite 2018, Ignite 2019, MVP Summit, Teams Airlift and many product group meetings in which I was also present, some and also I have expressed the wish. Later it was just "Raphael is asking about Germany for Teams" and it was always denied. But then:

I opened at the end of December and also the beginning of January 06. A new Office 365 tenant to test out some features. In the context of this, I have received screenshots of various tenants from acquaintances and customers in the last few days.

What did I see there:

Microsoft Teams = Germany /
Exchange = Germany /
SharePoint = Germany /
Skype for Business = Europe

Screenshot_ DE Tenant _ newly created 06. January 2020

Let's take a look at the documentation and the Admin Portal:

Here we see where Microsoft Teams is hosted. Neither Germany nor Switzerland is represented there. Also the contracts gave no hint. In the admin portal of all other tenants there was no information that Microsoft Teams is or will be located in Germany.

But in this documentation you can find clearly: Microsoft Teams -> Germany

Ping and traceroute

So I do a ping on different IP addresses I got when connecting to Teams with two sniffing tools and got a hint. I compared the routes to my Azure quota unlocked for global tenants and checked them out.

Result: Microsoft Teams is located in Germany, more precisely Frankfurt!

Microsoft Teams from Germany – available!

The technical test and also two new test tenants created from Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt) have shown that Microsoft Teams comes from the new tenants from Germany and Switzerland (test tenant: created in Zurich). With this you have to spend from Microsoft Teams from Germany and Switzerland.

Now this statement is too sweeping, so we have to differentiate a bit: Microsoft Teams from Germany means the core functions, such as the chat and the data store. In the area of telephony and other services such as MFA it is worth going into more detail. In addition, there are also the apps, which are often not hosted in Germany, but in the USA.

A migration and move of the existing European tenants to Germany including teams is indeed possible in the Move program ( listed, but there is no date yet. Here we still have to wait.

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